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Fic: The Fast and the Hyperdrives
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Title: The Fast and the Hyperdrives
Fandom: The Fast & the Furious
Pairing: gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: past-mpreg, eggs (past tense), cybernetic implants, ~sPAceee~
Notes: For the trope bingo prompt “au:space”. I’ve been working on this a while, but I think this is as far as it’s going to go. I’ve been adding to it every now and then, but…yeah. And I’d hate to have it languish on my flashdrive. So.

Summary: The Fast and the Furious… IN SPAAAAACE.

The snake twined relentlessly around the core, occasionally crossing bodies with its twin. The water was murky, but the backlight from the core made it look like a biohazard.

Then again, these were quakars. It already was.

Brian stepped a little closer to the glass. “Where did you find these things?”

“They’re mine,” Dom said.

“Well, obviously, but where did you find them? Two quakars that willingly cross each other?”

“They’re mine,” Dom said with more emphasis. He gave a tiny shrug when Brian glanced at him. “When I was partnered with the Trans I had a bad run in with a wild quakar. There was an egg deposit.”

Brian huffed a laugh. “Come on, man, that’s a myth.”

“Yeah?” Dom picked up the edge of his shirt, showing Brian a series of shiny vertical scars on his abdomen. “You don’t get tiger stripes like these from a myth.”

Brian stared.

Dom nodded. “A wild quakar in the outs snuck up behind me; if you’re the right kind of psy, the wild ones won’t kill you. Tran and I had a disagreement over how to proceed, so they kicked me off the ship. Took me weeks to find Mia and catch a jump to civil space.”

“Holy shit.” Brian looked from Dom to the tank and back again. “So how did…?”

“Eggs. They hatched eventually, but it was a bitch to carry them around. It saved me some money when we finished getting the ship together.”

Brian shook his head. “So you put them in separate tanks?”

“The tanks connect. There.” Dom pointed to the far end of the room. “They used to stick closer together, but they got too big. Now the closest they get is when they cross the core.”

One of the quakars – Dom’s quakars – flared its crown at Brian and hissed.

“Hey!” Dom tapped on the glass. “Behave yourself. This is our new crewmember. Brian, meet V. We named him after Vince. The other guy’s Carlos.”

“V and Carlos.” Brian filed the names away. “How do you tell them apart?”

Dom tapped the side of his head.

Psy, right.

“V has a thicker head,” said a voice from behind them. Mia. She grinned. “Just like Vince.”

“Yeah, go figure.” Dom slung an arm over Mia’s shoulder. “Who’s at the wheel?”

“Leon.” Mia turned her smile on Brian. “What do you think of our core room? The boys are great aren’t they?”

V stopped its inaudible hissing to bob its head up and down. Without even looking, Mia did the same.

Dom tapped the tank again. “Move so your brother can greet her.”

Still bobbing, V continued its slide around the core. When the next quakar head came into view, Brian almost thought V had circled back around.

Carlos flared its crown at Brian but quickly ignored him in favor of bobbing its head.

“It’s great,” Brian said. “Your entire ship. It must’ve been hard to get this shit together without a major sponsor, but you did it.”

“It was a family effort,” Mia said. She grabbed Brian’s arm and looked at her brother. “Have you shown him more than just the engine grease?”

Dom squeezed her shoulders. “I was just getting ready to take him to lunch.”

Mia led them out. Brian snuck a last look at the core room, the quakars making their silent circuit.

It was a good setup. Too good for even a determined homespun crew.

He used the implants in his eyes to take a picture.

All space forces officers received upgrades – attachable visors, mobiles that worked with a combination of wires in the hand and the ear. Detectives got even better.

Brian had to get the visor taken out to go undercover; it was a messy surgery that he’d rather not repeat. It had been worth it, though – not just for his detective badge, but for the eyes.

Eyes were a mod that anyone could get if they scraped together the cash. The Feds had access to mods that only the wealthiest could drool over, capable of wireless transmitting to out of body devices, video calls, even fancy immersive games. Brian didn’t have access to the games, but the basic gifts that came along with mods were worth every minute, every headache, every long surgery.

After dinner in Toretto’s tiny lunch hall, squeezed in between Mia and Jesse, Brian retreated to his room to pull the day’s snapshots from his eyes to his data tab. He used a secure connection to ship them to Tanner and Bilkins, hiding the file in the rest of Team Toretto’s outgoing data.

He unplugged the hookup, doing his best not to touch the puffy still healing skin around the port. Then he stretched out on his cot, eyes closed, relaxing as much as he could.

“I don’t think Vince likes me very much.”

Mia chuckled. They were in the medlab, unpacking the latest shipment of first aid supplies. The goods were high quality, better than expected for a simple repair ship, and more expensive than what the average racer would be willing to shell for. Brian needed to photograph this later; if he did it now, Mia might pick up on the shutter in his eyes.

“Vince doesn’t like change,” Mia said. “He also doesn’t like mods. When Leon got that shift-tat , he lost his shit.”

“Yeah I was wondering about that tat. Shit’s never looked the same way twice.”

The thing that made Mia the perfect in was how nice she was. Even as she gave him the story behind Leon’s shift-tat and Vince’s subsequent meltdown, she was squinting at the side of Brian’s head.

“Jesus, what have you been doing to this thing?”


She touched cool fingers to the space behind his ear. The dataport was hard flesh colored plastic, but her fingers ghosted over the skin around it. Brian tried not to flinch.

He couldn’t see it, but it must have looked bad.

“The flesh hasn’t healed,” Mia murmured. Her eyes were black and dizzying – a psy using her power. “If we don’t take care of it, it’ll get infected. Why didn’t you say anything?”

Brian shrugged the shoulder that wasn’t facing her. “About what? It’s tender but that’s all.”

“That’s all? Brian, any infection around tech like this can go straight to your brain. Here, let me…” One of her hands shot out and several small devices came flying towards her. Brian couldn’t hide his surprise; there had been nothing in the file about Mia being telekinetic.

“Hold still,” she said.

Brian could feel heat behind his ear, and he could hear the hum of electricity.

“I’m disinfecting it,” she said, very softly, “and then I’ll try to get the skin to heal. You can talk if you want.”

There weren’t many psy with that kind of control.

“Did your brother really-?”

“Give birth to Carlos and V? Yeah.” Mia sighed. “It was a pain in the ass when we were travelling. Everyone thought we were poachers.”

The heat became a sharp burn. Brian flinched.

“This is very shoddy implant work. Did the supplier force you to get it done in house?”

Brian thought of Bilkins shoving him into the intake hall.

“Something like that.”

Mia sucked her teeth. “I bet they overcharged you too. Next time, take parts only no matter what they say; then you can shop around for a good technician. If you’d been with us, I would’ve taken you to Hector.”

“He’s good with mods?”

“Yeah, he’s good at a lot of things. He-”

Mia stopped. Brian barely had time to open his mouth before Letty’s voice came over the comm..

“Heads up everybody, we got a job. Three ship salvage, and a bonus if we get there fast. I’m gonna open her up.”

“Here we go,” Mia said, and adjusted the setting on her gravity belt. “You might want to hold on.”

Brian needed to hold on. He could feel the drag from their initial jump to hyperdrive; it made him think of piloting a t-bird, how the forward motion forced you back into your seat.


“You’re all set. You should head up to the bridge; Dom will want to clear you on the salvage plan.”

The last touch to the skin around his dataport isn’t medical; it’s Mia running her fingers over the freshly healed skin, and Brian enjoying it. He’s not sure how his face looks when he heads for the door; Mia’s blush says enough.

They kept some of the worthless shit from the salvage.

“Not worthless,” Jesse said, running his careful loving fingers over hunks of reinforced carbon shielding. Even the buyer didn’t want it. There were microscopic cracks running through every piece, and it’d be cheaper to let it drift through space than to attempt a repair and resell.

Brian could almost see the wheels turning in Jesse’s mind. He didn’t know what the kid’s deal was. He didn’t come off as psy, and he didn’t have any mods besides a run of the mill scanner. It didn’t make sense.

“We’re gonna use these on your bird,” Jesse said. “Dom gave us free reign to pick through the leftovers, and I’m totally using these.”

“No way, man.”

“Way. Wait till you see my plans, man. We’re gonna kill at Race Wars.”

“We’ll put him down as your average idiot savant. What else?”

Brian tried not to roll his eyes.

He’d managed to use some of his shore time to call home, but DT’s wasn’t just a business. Brian wouldn’t be able to slip them for long.

Bilkin’s had just low-d mods, nothing you could see by looking at him. Fancy FBI shit. Tanner didn’t have any mods at all; he just had his fancy glasses. It was hard to make them out on the tiny screen.

The frown was clear enough. “We need names, Brian. Has Toretto done anything that suggests he’s involved in the hijackings?”

“We’ve done nothing but work,” Brian said. “I’ve got a lead or two. Hector’s been buying a lot of parts-”

“Don’t give me parts O’Connor.”

“All I’ve got is parts. They don’t-” Brian looked over his shoulder. “This isn’t just a sign on and shut up crew. They keep real close together, man. I’m surprised they aren’t calling me already.”

Bilkins didn’t look like he bought it. Tanner frowned. If Brian didn’t have his mod, he wouldn’t have seen the flicker in Tanner’s glasses. Tanner didn’t like whatever he read.

“How long do you have?”

“Ten, maybe? I’m supposed to be checking in with Harry.”

“There he is,” Mia said, giving Vince a dirty look. “We were worried about you, Brian.”

“Shitty reception,” Brian explained. “I’m starting to think its just an outer rim thing.”

“It only gets worse from here. But at least the pay is better, right?”

Mia nudged him before leaving to get him a drink.

Vince leaned against the hull of the shuttle, giving Brian as suspicious glare.

The pay was better out here. DTs was one of the few salvage teams willing to go into untamed space, so they had leeway to inflate their prices. The further you went from Earth and the Sol system, the more you were able to charge.

Dom had mention expanding out of the Milky Way once. That would pin him for tax evasion at the very least, and no one on the up and up sent their ships out that far.

Bilkins wouldn’t be satisfied with tax evasion.

The problem was, Brian couldn’t find any evidence. Their birds were all loud colors, nothing like the black ships performing the hijackings. Brian had been given a tour of every inch of the ship. There was nothing there.

Brian had his eye on Tran, but that would be hard to prove. They weren’t going to invite him onboard – Dom was holding a grudge over the quakar thing, and Brian couldn’t blame him.

He needed to do some sleuthing.

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