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Alas, It Speaks

14 May
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I'm a thing that looks like a person. I like to do stuff, but I don't really know that much about myself.
I mean, I write fanfic and all, and I write origional stuff too, but I'm learning about myself.

Am I a he?
Am I a she?
No. I am an It.
(With...a vagina and stuff. I don't have a penis...and I don't think I want one.)

I'm an It that can speak, and I like too, even if I don't always make sense. (I like to make sense. I feel sad when I don't, but I'm learning to speak anyway.)

So...this journal? Any and everything. Writing definitely. (I like to blather on about my ideas.) And personal word vomit. (Because everyone needs someplace to chatter about themselves.)

Any and everything.

I'm an It, and I'm speaking. Be very afraid.